Some ideias, tasks, possibilities and pending implementations for BIPES.

Organized ideas

  1. Web based SSH on the Console, for Linux devices

  2. Test and validate all the blocks

  3. Integration with Google Drive and Spreadsheet (send data to the spreadsheet and files/images to Google Drive)

  4. Integration / BIPES control over unicor simulator (

  5. WebREPL for CircuitPython

  6. Translations

  7. Complete custom block creation for the supported boards, such as m5stick

  8. Documentation

  9. USB File Transfer for the Files tab

  10. LORA blocks for LoRa modules

  11. CAN Bus blocks

  12. Optical encoder blocks

  13. Bluetooth Blocks for ESP32

  14. PWA with unsafe websockets?

  15. OBD2

  16. ESP32 Camera

  17. Bugfixes at WebSocketREPLServer

  18. Better reserved words (internal

  19. NanoPython for Arduino

  20. Compilation server

  21. Web based tool to write ESP8266 and ESP32 (Adafruit WebSerial ESPTool is almost there!)

  22. Linux shell utilites

  23. Better fonts / images for SSD1306 and other displays

  24. Bluetooh / BLE / beacons

  25. Create selected blocks for libraries listed / curated by mcauser / awesome micropython (

  26. MIT App Inventor Integration

  27. Exaustive reliability of MicroPython based programs

  28. Buzzer / audio tones functions (Example:

  29. Embed BIPES on the device! When there is enough flash / memory for blockly and all BIPES requirements!

  30. Zip Files for BIPES offline (already existent, but make public and organized)

Unorganized ideas

Touchscreen / LCD blocks for embedded systems

  • Sound blocks (for ESP, Linux, etc)

  • Voice recognition and synthesis blocks (Linux)

  • Serial port / sockets

  • Servo motors

  • Tone ()

  • Ultrasound sensor

  • net: ping, configure as wifi AP, configure as wifi station, ifconfig

  • scan networks

  • web server / IOT server

  • IOT client / HTTP / HTTPS / MQTT

  • Integration with Blynk

  • Integration with App Inventor

  • Integration with IFTTT

  • Integration with thingspeak

  • Serial display LCD / OLED

  • Byte / char / float / strings conversion

  • Other useful python commands

  • Read / write files / EEPROM / Flash

  • Interrupts / ISRs

  • Watchdog timer

  • Media (sound / video, etc)


  • File manager to open, save, edit Python files on the device and select the program to be executed at startup

  • Change IOT graph to show timestamps on the X axis and not the sample number

Documentation / HOWTOs

  • pinout / pinmaping per device

  • videos / quick usage tutorial

  • create and test dozens of examples!

  • Better / easier install instructions


  • Finish micropython + microbit firmware port / compilation

  • mBed + ethernetShield + micropython (driver for micropython)

Bug fixes

  • Run python imports only one time

  • Fix python .join bugs on blockly code generation

  • Windows / Linux simple graphical interface for ServerSerial, Local socket, Arduino Bridge and other bridges

  • Device auto discovery on local network (important for simple usage!)


  • Translate to portuguese and spanish

  • Add videos / tutorials for newbies


  • Implement WebREPL missing protocol features: send file, receive file

  • Implement authentication


  • Lego Mindstorms EV3 (micropython)