Snek Lang firmware uploader

Snek Lang ( is a minimal Python implementation for microcontrollers like AtMega328 and AtMega2560. It works nicely on Arduino!

This page allows you to upload sneklang firmware directly to Arduino UNO, Nano or Pro Mini. Simply click on the button below, select your Arduino port and the firmware will be flashed on your Arduino from your web browser! No software is needed!

Step 1: test the upload

This is an optional step to test if your board is connected and if it is correctly flashed from the web browser. Select the option that fits your board and click the button. If the flash is successfull, the Arduino LED will staring blinking.

Option 1:

Option 2:

Step 2: upload snek firmware

This will flash (upload) the sneklang firmwre to your Arduino! Select the board and click Upload. The firmwared uploaded will be snek-uno-1.5.hex.

Option 1:

Option 2:

Step 3: Access snek terminal from the web browser!

After flashing the board, you can interact with it using this web based terminal. Click on the link below, select 38400, and click connect. Next, you can send snek commands to the boad!

Step 4: Program snek using blocks (BIPES) (optional)

If you want, you can also use snek with BIPES to quickly build snek programs using block based proramming!

Access BIPES now to build Snek programs

BIPES also allows programs to be shared by links. The links below are two block based snek programs that you can edit and run, by clicking on the links below:

Snek/BIPES Program to blink the LED at pin 13

Snek/BIPES Program to read the Arduino ADC

Info and references

Snek: A Python-inspired Language for Embedded Devices

Note: this page can be downloaded as a ZIP file and used offline!

Snek Firmware obtained from:

Related repositores: (Web based Serial Terminal sources) (Snek sources) (the code of this page you are viewing) (the base code for this one. Thanks!) (BIPES Project)