BIPES Mapping Documentation

Mon May 24 09:39:25 -03 2021


Static markers on Google Map

Static markers are loaded when the page loads and their position are not updated any more.

Add, update and manage here:

Dynamic markers on Google Map

Dynamic markers are loaded on map initializaton and can any atribute can be dynamically modified: position, icon, text, session, layer, etc.
Add, update and manage here:

Webservice to add a new marker

You can specify the name of the marker, latitude, longitude, session, info to be shown on info window and its icon!

Will return the created ID!

Webservice to clear session

Deletes all information / markers related to one session.

Webservice to delete specific maker

Deletes a specific marker

Webservice to update marker position

Shell script example:
for i in `seq 1 20`; 
	lynx -dump "$i&long=-5&session=5"; 
	sleep 1;