BIPES MicroPython Web Installer

(for ESP32 and ESP8266)


This page allows you quickly and easily install MicroPython on ESP32 or ESP8266 board directly from the browser, without the need of using esptool or any other software on your computer. Simply connect the board to an USB port, click on the button "Connect", select the device and have MicroPython running on your board!

The demo is not available because your browser does not support Web Serial. Open this page in Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge instead.

If you don't see your ESP device in the list of devices to choose, you might need to install the drivers.

MicroPython Firmware version

This page installs the following firmwares:

esp32-20210902-v1.17.bin | ESP8266 with 2MiB+ flash | | Version 1.17 |
(There are options for ESP8266 with 1MiB or event 512K Flash Memory at MicroPython WebSite)

esp32-20210902-v1.17.bin | ESP32 with BLE and Wifi | | Version 1.17

Reset loop

Some ESP8266 boards have poor power regulators, and due to inadequate power supply, will enter on a continuos reset loop dependending on your USB power source. If this happens, you can use the solution described here.

About and more details

This page uses Web Serial. Web Serial is available in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers. Android support should be possible but has not been implemented yet.

USB Serial Drivers

If the serial port is not showing up, your computer might be missing the drivers for the USB serial chip used in your ESP device. These drivers work for most ESP devices: